What is Video Marketing and How Online Video Marketing Works?

Revisit your childhood days and recall how you used to love reading those books or going through tales which had graphical representations. Images have always attracted us than text, always, it is more expressive, speaks much more than one can write in words and finally, it is appealing too.

You must be wondering where this image-talk is coming from when you clicked on know more about Video Marketing. Well, the video is nothing but a collection of images or, let’s just put it this way – you making a compilation of images, making a slideshow of it (along with some background music or voice over). There’s another aspect to it too, where you or an actor hired by your talk about the content you want to let the viewers know about through your video. While all this way your video is certainly conveying content, the combination of both the things (content and video format) becomes what today’s content marketing companies or the Internet world call Video Marketing or Online Video Marketing.

What is Video Marketing?

Let’s just say the marketing trends have evolved over the years and now instead of going door to door or coming up with better taglines to convert a consumer, brands go for online video marketing. Why wouldn’t they? More than half a billion people are watching videos every day on Facebook. This means not only the Facebook video marketing is on the rise but according to Cisco, by the year 2021 every second there will be 17,000 hours of video content uploaded on the Internet. The scope of digital marketing has already seen a boom in the past years and now with the increasing video publishers, people want to become a part of Top Facebook Video Publishers list or a YouTube star. What’s all the fuss about then? Why are people moving towards video marketing works and making video marketing strategy a part of their digital marketing?

Well, better engagement is one of the many points which will help you understand the importance of video marketing and why content marketing done through videos is better than text. As we stated earlier that including better graphics and making informative content, cumulatively makes a deeper impact in your follower’s mind and also keeps them engaged. Firstly, watching a video is more entertaining than reading a text block or blog, and conveys the same information in a much more refined way and significantly less time. For instance, if you talk about explaining a pie chart to a set of audience, you should go for standing by a whiteboard and talking about in a simple language through a pictorial representation. Instead, writing up each and every detail in your text blog which can be explained verbally and giving your reader a mundane experience in the end.

Presumably, I’ve convinced you by now as to how video marketing is beneficial for you. Thereby, the following points will help you in understanding how video marketing should be done and understand the nature of it:

  1. Use video sharing platforms

    With video sharing platforms like Facebook and YouTube, you have a large audience to address and see what kind of content they’re searching for. To gain a better index when people search about content related to your video, don’t forget to upload it on Google too. It isn’t easy in the start, especially if you’re camera conscious but with time you learn how to present yourself and give your viewers a good time along with parting some knowledge. And, if not, make sure you have a good content because in the end that is what your viewers take away will be.

  2. Focus on content

    As you were reading in the previous point about “take away”, there are n number of services which you might be providing but it is on you as to what you want to promote it through video marketing and what not. Not every kind of content is suitable for online video marketing, since if you’re thinking of a detailed “how to” manual then, it’s best that you don’t opt for a video blog. On doing so, your channel gets quality traffic since people know what they’re looking for and your channel doesn’t show them irrelevant things or which can’t be understood through a video format. Another option you can opt for (if you want to stick with video) is do a simple presentation kind of video where you’ll be making the viewer aware of the information you want to convey.

  3. Make it engaging

    One of the prime parameters to judge a channel’s or social media handle’s presence is, the number of engagements it gets. Make sure that you intrigue users through your videos, assign them an exercise to do or something to practice on, ask them questions they would love to answer or talk about questions you’ll be answering in the next video, et al. This even makes it a relatable content for the target audience since they are getting involved and are looking forward to interacting with you and your next video.

    Lastly, keep in mind that the above points will help you attain a lot of traction on your particular channel. But, what about beyond that, how do you further amplify? Well, you should start embedding your videos in different articles of yours, where a user gets a rich experience in reading what you have to offer along with some videos for infotainment. Now, when you have started to promote your videos elsewhere on different platforms, don’t forget to add “call to action” along with your videos. Because on not doing so, you’ll lose on the number of followers since they’ll not be redirected to your channel automatically. Also, keep this in mind, you have to choose a video marketing strategy which persuades the viewer to connect with you and if your “call to action” is not convincing enough to make the viewer visit your channel for at least once then, all the efforts put by you go in vain. Additionally, if you’ve been successful in achieving the aforementioned, don’t take things lightly because you constantly have to put up with good videos to keep the wheels moving.

    Well, those were all the scenarios put out in front of you, instead of being intimidated, start off with your first video today keeping these points in mind.